Atlantic Reefmaker

Living Shoreline Reimagined

Atlantic Reefmaker is an innovative artificial reef system, custom-designed and built for each project that protects the shoreline and enhances the underwater environment, reducing shoreline erosion caused by tidal energy and wave action without the negative impacts of traditional rock sills and jetties.

In addition to its wave attenuation function, there are huge ecosystem service benefits to the system. The discs can be embedded with oyster shell and embedded rock can be soaked in oyster spat before installation to promote oyster settlement.

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How It Works

Marine Ecosystem Structure

Our engineered marine ecosystem structure utilizes octagonally shaped concrete ecodisks center-mounted on a composite fiberglass reinforced piling. The ecodisks are supported at a specified height on the piling by a composite fiberglass reinforced polymer bottom clamp which is attached to the piling by mechanical and adhesive connections. Marine Ecosystem structures are installed in rows at a predetermined water depth based on the application type.

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